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Top Pilots


1 66 Hours EIN0046 A. Azeez
2 32 Hours EIN86974 A. Devereux
3 19 Hours EIN86923 C. Jenning
4 14 Hours EIN86987 D. Pispek
5 12 Hours EIN0163 K. Tobin


1 19 Flights EIN0046 A. Azeez
2 11 Flights EIN86974 A. Devereux
3 9 Flights EIN86923 C. Jenning
4 7 Flights EIN86877 J. Burgess
5 6 Flights EIN0163 K. Tobin


1 -59 ft/min EIN0046 A. Azeez
2 -70 ft/min EIN86997 S. Gaouette
3 -76 ft/min EIN86997 S. Gaouette
4 -82 ft/min EIN86923 C. Jenning
5 -85 ft/min EIN86923 C. Jenning

Quick Stats

Launch Date:02/03/2015 Alltime Total Hours:22,807 hrs
Total Aircraft In Fleet:103 Alltime Total Flights:5,772
Total Schedules:1,444 Months Total Flights:90
Total Pilots:117 Todays Total Flights:0

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Airline Statistics

Welcome to Aer Lingus Virtual Airline

ALVA is a Virtual Airline group that uses the very latest technology to enable our members to enhance their flight sim experience, using PHPVMS along side the state of the art smartCARS reporting system. We have now put into place a superb Flight Academy package that will enable pilots from IVAO and VATSIM to study for type ratings and rank. Our tour system is 2nd to none allowing pilots to fly to destinations they may not have visited before. Welcome to the home of the Shamrock callsign, this is the new system,


Latest News

04.03. 2017 Airac 1707
17.02. 2017 A16 Update
04.02. 2017 GA Mediterranean Island R
04.02. 2017 Austrian Online Day
29.01. 2017 RIP

Welcome on Board

EIN86999 Spain Sergio De Propios
EIN86998 Spain Eduardo Diaz Ortega
EIN86997 Canada Stephane Gaouette
EIN86996 Ireland Jeffrey McMadden
EIN86995 United Kingdom Jamie Griffin

Top Destinations

262 Flight(s) EIDW Dublin Airport
88 Flight(s) EGLL Heathrow
54 Flight(s) EICK Cork
40 Flight(s) EINN Shannon Airport
34 Flight(s) EGKK London / Gatwick Air
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Flight From To Duration Aircraft V/S Pilot Report
EIN904 EINN LPFR 02:16 A320-214 -615ft/m Abbey Azeez View Report
EIC912 EDDW EINN 02:02 A320-214 -348ft/m Matthew Doyle View Report
EIN213 EGCC EIDW 00:57 A320-214 -202ft/m Greg Brenner View Report
SCC04611 EDDK LOWI 01:01 A319-111 -204ft/m Abbey Azeez View Report
BAW206 KMIA EGLL 08:14 B747-400 -268ft/m Abbey Azeez View Report
Flight From To Duration Aircraft Pilot
EIN491 LPFR (10:50) EIDW (13:50) 02:14 A320-214 Greg Brenner
EIN356 EIDW (1620) EDDM (1940) 01:50 A320-214 Carsten Jenning
EIC195 EIDW (17:00 UTC) LGZA (21:26 UTC) 04:25 A320-214 Abbey Azeez
EIN109 EIDW (1610) KJFK (1845) 06:40 A330-202 Alex Devereux
EIN145 EIDW (1500) KLAX (1800) 10:25 A330-202 Alex Devereux