Welcome to ALVA home of the Shamrock callsign. Launched in 2004 ALVA has seen massive changes in both Flight Sim realism and the demands of the pilots at the hands of a simulator. We have strived over the years to give the best possible service to our members thoughout the many years of service. Our transition is never complete and the staff work endlessly to bring our members the very best. Our latest site is full of new features and stacked with stats leaving no stone unturned in the search to supply the info you demand. We boast a great set of pilots who are a tight friendly bunch who love to greet new faces into the ranks. Our tours and events department endevour to fill the calendar every month with network events as well as friendly teamspeak parties on member flights. You are encouraged to fly our timetable if you want realism or fly our retro aircraft. There is no restriction as we cater for all. Join us in our 12 years of simulating one of the best loved airlines of the world.