5 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in Australia

Using the best shopping cart software is not enough to run a successful online business in Australia! Without understanding why purchasers abandon shopping carts, it is not possible to increase your sales!

Choosing the right shopping cart software is important for you and your customers. But, that doesn’t mean that you will immediately double your sales and profits.

One common problem among website business owners is shopping cart abandonment. One average ecommerce business owner loses over 70% of the sales because of shopping cart abandonment.

It is really no surprise why there have been countless research as to why customers add products to their carts just to leave the website one minute later without making a purchase. You can’t really run a successful online business in Australia if you can’t understand why purchasers abandon their shopping carts.

We’ve collected the top 5 reasons for cart abandonment. We will be discussing them in details and provide an overview of how you can eliminate cart abandonment. 

#1. Unexpected Shipping Costs: Hidden expenses are one reason why visitors leave your website without purchasing. Over 20% specifically said that shipping costs are the main reason that drives them away. Also, you should pay attention to other hidden expenses such as taxes which may have a similar end result. What is the solution? It is simple – fully disclose all costs. Transparency is crucial for store owners and it is valued highly by online shoppers.

 #2. Having to Create a New Account: When shopping online, customers expect convenience. They want to do things quickly and efficiently. Spending more effort and time than expected can frustrate them. Around 20% of cart abandoners don’t complete the purchase when they are required to create a new account and 30% of the online shoppers say it is the main reason why they have decided to leave the site. The solution is again pretty simple – don’t force your buyers to create an account before they complete the order.

#3. Concerns about Payment Security: Payment security is one common reason for cart abandonment. When a customer is concerned about security, it may have a dramatic effect.

Some of the major causes of suspecting security are outdated layouts, design flaws, missing photos, no SSL certificate, and etc. There are numerous ways you can try to increase trust in your online store. First of all, you need to use an ecommerce shopping cart that is PCI DSS compliant. Second of all, you can use customer testimonials to show your purchasers that you are a trustworthy store.

#4. Confusing Checkout: Confusing and time-consuming checkout is annoying to online purchasers. There are usually unnecessary forms that can only complicate the checkout process.

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All of this contributes to bad user experience, resulting in cart abandonment. The checkout should be as quick and simple as possible. Ask only for necessary information. Simplify your website’s navigation and let purchasers enjoy your products.

#5. The Website has crashes and errors: Even though website crashing is common among online stores, it doesn’t mean that this problem should be ignored. Website crashes, errors, slow load time, and etc.

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are major reasons to cancel a purchase or contribute to insecurity on the website. To put an end on website errors and crashes, focus on customer experience. Make sure to check your website daily, including your home page, checkout, ensuring your online store is up to date and there are no significant complications. We recommend you to perform these daily checks across a variety of screen sizes.

We hope these solutions will help you reduce shopping cart abandonment and provide your Australian shoppers a pleasant shopping experience.